Health Services

Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department (P&SHD) is the key department entrusted by the people of Punjab with the fundamental responsibility for the health of communities and the entire population. P&SHD delivers primitive, preventive as well as curative health care services of Primary Health Care level to Tertiary Health Care level.

The services for Punjab are provided through a well designed infrastructure. P&SHD across the province is divided into:

Free of cost consultation, diagnostic facilities and medicines are provided to the patients particularly focusing on the poor and marginalized segments of the society. Health Department also provides different programs like

  • Hepatitis Control Program
  • Aids Control Program
  • Expanded Program for Immunization
  • TB Control Program
  • Malaria Control Program
  • Infection Control Program

Besides measures to prevent, treat and control other communicable diseases and Epidemics / Disasters, these vaccines are provided through Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) for children under 2 years and pregnant ladies. Health Department is producing its own trained and qualified Human Resource keeping the HR development needs and requirements of Health Care Infrastructure in mind.