Project Management UNIT


About Us

The Project Management Unit was established in 2016 to uplift and restructure the Secondary Healthcare Network of the Punjab. As part of it’s mandate, the project undertook the large scale revamping of District and Tehsil Headquarters Hospitals, and today, PMU spearheads the drive for provision of quality healthcare services in the Province

Revamping Healthcare

With a 6 point agenda, and an endless passion, the Revamping Project undertook the task of 40 Hospitals in Phase I. Today, our impact extends far beyond the first 40.

1. HR Strengthening

Increasing sanctioned seats, introducing dedicated cadres and continuing education through trainings, learn more about how we’ve strengthened Human Resources across our hospitals.

2. Infrastructure Development

Ensuring a safe and secure environment for the patients and the doctors, our infrastructural development extends beyond just walls and windows. See how we’ve made hospitals better for our people.

Download Maps of DHQ/THQ Hospitals

3. Medical Advancements

Standardizing Bio-Medical and Non Bio-Medical equipment across all hospitals, introducing equipment maintenance regimes and capacity building for the latest technologies; see how we’ve changed healthcare tools across the province.

4. IT Interventions

Ensuring smooth operations, proper documentation, and an infallible monitoring regime; our IT Interventions have been designed to change the way hospitals function. Learn how hospitals are becoming more efficient.

5. Outsourcing Transformation

For a province of over a 110 million people, the scale of quality service delivery needs strong Public-Private Partnerships. Our outsourcing regime ensures that our patients get the best services, without bearing any burden of cost.

Out Source Services Contracts

6. Implementation of SOPs & SMPs

From Local to International accreditations, the Implementation of Standard Operating Procedures and Standard Medical Processes has ensured the quality of our healthcare service provision. Learn more about our ISO and MSDS accredited Hospitals.

PC-1s of DHQ/THQ Hospitals under Revamping Programme

Key Services at Our Hospitals

Learn more about the dedicated services provided at our Secondary Healthcare Facilities in the Punjab.

Our work makes quality healthcare accessible to everyone across the Punjab.

Procurement Cell

Key Functions & Responsibilities

  • Development of procedures and guidelines for procurements of quality products/services for Healthcare in a fair and transparent manner.
  • Provision of supportive function to procurements being carried out by the Various Procuring Agencies of P&SHD.
  • Central standardization/ prequalification/ procurements of Drugs/Medicines, Vaccines, Equipment & Services.

Medicine Section (Drugs and Non Drugs etc.)

Responsible for the smooth, transparent & efficient procurement of required Medicines (Drugs & Non Drugs)

Equipment Section (Equipment)

Responsible for the smooth, transparent & efficient procurement of Biomedical Equipment & Machinery

Services Section (Clinical & Non Clinical Services)

Responsible for the smooth, transparent & efficient procurement of Services, Third party hiring.

Contract Management Section

Responsible for the smooth, transparent & efficient Finalization, Execution, Monitoring & Evaluation of the Contracts after conclusion of the procurements; efficient generation of demand for each procurement cycle & pursuance of procurement’s litigation (if any).

Import & Banking Section

Responsible for the smooth, transparent & efficient finalization & rigorous pursuance of all import, banking & custom related matters of procurement.