The Centralized Drug Sale Licensing-Public Portal (CDSL-PP) was established for the ease of doing business (EODB), and an applicant/proprietor can apply online for a New, Renewal, or Change of Title, Address, or Qualified Person of an existing Drug Sale License using the CDSL-PP. Previously, an applicant or proprietor had to go to the Secretary's office of the District Quality Control Board to submit a manual application, which took longer to process and inspect until the final manual issuing of the DSL. Since November 9, 2021, that manual old method has been totally replaced by the automation and implementation of CDSL-PP.


Brief history

Planning and Development (P&D) Board, Government of the Punjab in collaboration with World Bank Group and multiple Provincial departments is implementing Ease of doing Business (EODB) Reforms and Pakistan Regulatory Modernization Initiative (PRMI) which are steered through Provincial Working Group (PWG) headed by Minister for Finance and Chief Secretary, Punjab. PRMI is a Federal Government’s initiative being led by Board of Investment, Prime Minister Office in collaboration with Federal and Provincial Agencies/Departments and World Bank Group. This initiative aims to rationalize, modernize and automate business regulations in Pakistan which include all Business Registrations, Licenses, Certificates, other Permits and regulatory requirements associated with them to make business environment investor friendly for both domestic and foreign investors. In compliance with one of the Prime Minister's reform proposals related to the computerised integration, automation, and development of a public portal for the immediate disposal of Drug Sale Licences (DSL), The Centralized Drug Sale Licensing-Public Portal (CDSL-PP) has been operational since November 9, 2021. 


Goal, Vision and objective 

The CDSL-PP aims to achieve the Ease of Doing Business (EODB) Reforms and the Pakistan Regulatory Modernization Initiative (PRMI), through the implementation of the Centralized Drug Sale Licensing-Public Portal (CDSL-PP) for online submission and disposal of Drug Sale Licences (DSL) applications. 

Working mechanism

The CDSL-PP application can be submitted online in a more flexible and user-friendly manner. There is no need for an agent or any expertise to submit a CDSL-PP application online. An applicant must simply provide information about the premises, the proprietor(s), and the qualified person(s) and submit the application online using the CDSL-PP. The system sends the complete application to the Provincial Pharmacy Council automatically (PPC). Once the PPC has verified the Qualified Person Registration Certificate (QPRC), the application is directed to the Secretary, District Quality Control Board for further scrutiny. After the application has been thoroughly scrutinized, it is forwarded to the Drug Inspector for inspection of the premises. After review, the Licensing Authority issues an online Drug Sale License for an applicant to download through their own dashboard.


  1. Online submission of CDSL-PP applications 
  2. Online issuance of New or renewal of Drug Sale License 
  3. Online verification of Qualified Person Registration Certificate (QPRC) through collaboration with Provincial Pharmacy Council
  4. A Qualified Person can withdraw from an existing Drug Sale License by submitting an application online
  5. Change in existing Drug Sale License such as the changing in the title and address of the premises can also be done by submitting an application online




  1. Centralized control, monitoring and surveillance of Drug Sale Licenses throughout Punjab. 
  2. Integration and modernization of Inspection application for the Provincial Drug Inspector. 
  3. Validity of Drug Sale License has been increased to five years.